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Wysiwash Dog Kennel Cleaning System

What is Wysiwash Cleaning Tool?
The Wysiwash Cleaning Tool is a specialized hose nozzle containing a chamber to house a Hypochlor chlorine tablet. When you run the water through the Wysiwash Cleaning Tool a sanitizing level of chlorine is generated in the nozzle stream. The Wysiwash Cleaning Tool provides you with a clean, healthy living environment in your home or business with regular use. The Wysiwash Cleaning Tool breaks the environmental cycle that allows buildup of disease organisms, bacteria, algae, fungi, viruses and other microorganisms. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

If you are serious about a hygienically clean environment, the Wysiwash Cleaning Tool does all the work for you. Using a patented Hypochlor tablet and the patented Wysiwash Cleaning Tool, a few minutes of your time is all it takes to have a clean environment.

How does it work?
The Wysiwash Cleaning Tool delivers EPA approved levels of "chlorine" at the end of your water line to sanitize, disinfect and prevent: disease organisms, mildew, algae, viruses, bacteria, fungi and other microorganisms. Properly used, the Wysiwash Cleaning Tool can eliminate odors and putrification of environmentally sensitive areas. In the past, chlorine bleach, quaternary ammonias, phenols and other chemicals that require mixing and scrubbing have been used to clean up environmentally susceptible areas. Many of the products added harmful residues to the very environment you were trying to clean. The Wysiwash Cleaning Tool sanitizes and/or disinfects your environment with little impact to the environment.

What about worker exposure to hazardous chemicals?
The patented tablet used by the Wysiwash Cleaning Tool requires no further handling by the operator once inside the unit. There is no danger of spills during mixing because there IS no mixing. The concentration of chlorine produced by the Wysiwash Cleaning Tool poses no danger to the user, his clothing, his eyes, his skin or his pets. Since we are shipping a dry product, no accidental leaks or spills will occur during shipping. You can also be certain your insurance carrier will feel comfortable knowing employees are not exposed to dangerous chemicals.

Is it complicated?
The Wysiwash Cleaning Tool has no moving parts, does not require electricity and does not corrode or damage other equipment when used properly. Mixing, scrubbing, cleaning up and storing the cleaning equipment, washing down after cleaning, etc. are all time-consuming operations. Using the power tip, the Wysiwash Cleaning Tool in a one-step operation (no need for washdown) will clean areas you could not even reach with a mop. Just drain properly and hang the Wysiwash Cleaning Tool up to dry when you are finished cleaning. It's the easiest product on the market for you to use, store and re-use anytime you want to clean up a small area that has been compromised.

Is it economical?
The Wysiwash Cleaning Tool effectively replaces hundreds of bottles of other cleaners. Storage space from all these products is reduced. You valuable time and/or the expense of your employees' time is kept to a minimum.

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Calcium Hypochlorite Caplets 9 Pk. Wysiwash Kennel Cleaning System
Our Price: $49.95
Our Price: $124.95
Calcium Hypochlorite Caplets 9 Pack Wysiwash Kennel Cleaning System
Calcium Hypochlorite Caplets 9 Pack
Calcium Hypochlorite Caplets used in the Wysiwash Sanitizer System.
Wysiwash Kennel Cleaning System
One Step Cleaning Tool
WYSIWASH was invented to take the chore out of cleaning. It automatically mixes a sanitizing solution and directs a high velocity stream onto the surface to be cleaned.

WYSIWASH has no moving parts, needs no electricity, takes the place of numerous bottles of other cleaners and goes together easily.

WYSIWASH is used to disinfect, clean, sanitize, deodorizes dog kennels, animal housing and pens and is used in Humane societies, Veterinary clinics and Zoo facilities across the country.

Snap connect WYSIWASH to your hose and spray away. No need to worry about proper dispensing—it's automatic. WYSIWASH mixes the right amount of active chlorine as you clean.